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ЖИВЫ!!! Уффф, по следам этих постов Трагедия при перевозке животных, Норвегия и Произошло ужасное

От покупательницы котенка Федоровой:

7 мин. назад
Hi Have you any news about your kitten?. (Это я ей написала 7 мин назад)

Ответ Ramiza Syed
I have called them many times, they are stressed, and now a woman said to me that I have to wait to a call from them. They will call me today I think.But good news is that all the animals are alive

Живы!!! Держим кулачки за малышей дальше!


От заводчицы Джотто:
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Afelio Mco Jenssen
Dear Olga I am waiting for more documents .... you have the.

Afelio Mco Jenssen
Dear Olga .... I am happy ;-)))))) I have now received confirmation GIOTTO'S ALIVE. I spoke with a person high on the FSA. We believe that we are to have him in quarantine for 4 months, but no decision has been taken yet. They still say that all the documentation they need is missing, please help me.
A happy Kari

Два часа назад источник


It turns out that because of the high working pressure clearly not the Norwegian Food Safety Authority managed to kill the animals on Friday. THANK YOU....heaven.

The order was given.... all the animals were to be killed... and disposed on Friday.

They have all been a pardon ..... this is just amazing.
Here is an angel who has worked on the case, but I are not allowed to mention her name.
All animals are healthy and are in quarantine.

Не понимаю, зачем тогда норвежские чиновники объявили норвежской встречающей стороне, что все зверики были усыплены в 17:00 в пятницу...?
Tags: Норвегия, законодательство, зоозащита

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